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          Cost reduction is the company's choice of survival


          Source:本站  Time:2017-05-25 14:20:47   Category:Times

          A well-known American scholar said that enterprises to survive only two roads can go, one is large-scale, one is low cost. PC-made world-class predators IBM scale should not be small, but because of the loss of the PC business sold to Lenovo. Even the cost of Chinese telecom companies do not bogey, but also insist on the "low cost" into the company's development plan, and will be listed as the company's survival magic. Visible, but "large-scale" is still not able to sit back and relax, low cost is the vast majority of China and the world enterprises must face the historical issue.

          In recent years, the price of the roller has been declining, raw material prices have risen and then up, whether it is version of the roll price, or raw material prices, and the company can not be about, in order to survive and develop, we must significantly reduce costs, otherwise Will eventually be eliminated by the market.

          We will only low-cost strategy in the end, if not the "cost strategy", a group of small factories can be defeated. Some time ago Guangzhou and Shenzhen is killing a plant Mikania micrantha, it will be wrapped around the plants, absorb nutrients, wherever he went, barren difficult. In fact, the cost of the leading power no less than "biological invasion", it is Mikania micrantha, is the red tide, and even foot and mouth disease, avian flu, SARS, it has an irresistible competitiveness, will destroy the original market structure, to the opponent's Survival poses a serious threat. Japan's steel industry to defeat the US counterparts is to rely on low-cost, they through strict cost control, and finally to the absolute cost advantage, breaking the US policy of protection, to seize the US market.

          Low cost, high quality, efficient operation has always been our goal. 

          Of course, the cost is to pay attention to the way the way. In the process of reducing costs, the East Company special emphasis on technology research and development, a few years ago to achieve the first volume of the coil to self-produced equipment to replace imported high-priced equipment for the company's development and further expansion of the foundation. Reduce the cost is to start from the production process, process, technology, materials and other aspects, do not reduce the wages of workers, welfare, quality of life. In the reform process, the wages of workers, welfare, quality of life can not only drop, but also continue to improve. Recently, the East one company put a lot of energy to transform the factory and dormitory area of the environment, planting trees, paint fenghuang, build a new motorcycle bike carport, etc., so that employees feel the surrounding environment a new look, very warm. Let us all work together, while vigorously reducing costs, while building a harmonious working and living environment.

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