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          Source:本站  Time:2017-05-25 14:19:51   Category:Times

          China's manufacturing industry "big but not strong", far from the manufacturing power!
          China is the world's manufacturing power, I believe that most of the people are more agree. However, China can not be called the world's manufacturing power, compared with the world's advanced production level, China's manufacturing industry is still large and not strong. Generally believed that the manufacturing power to have the following five characteristics:
          First, have a certain number of world-renowned enterprises;
          Second, with a high degree of innovation and competitiveness;
          Three is to master cutting-edge technology and core technology;
          Fourth, efficiency and quality and safety both;
          Fifth is the potential for sustainable development.
          ? As the United States, Germany, Japan and other world recognized manufacturing power, the quality of their products are high level, reflected in the product performance stability, quality reliability, environmental adaptability, service life and other indicators meet or exceed the international Similar products advanced level.
          ? China's industrial product quality situation is worrying
          In contrast, China's industrial products in general is still in the low-end level, the quality of work is still in the backward standards, product quality problems, mainly in the following areas:
          1, the implementation of lower quality standards, the mainstream product quality level as a whole with foreign countries there are still some gaps;
          2, fake and shoddy products despite repeated prohibitions;
          3, export products encountered quality, safety, environmental protection and other technical barriers.
          ?"Made in China under the 2025" high-end manufacturing new requirements
          With the introduction of the "Made in China 2025" plan, from the "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power" changes more and more urgent, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is a pillar industry of emerging industries, involving "China made 2025" Such as new energy equipment, new materials and equipment, energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, electronic information equipment, new energy automotive production lines and so on.
          ? These areas of equipment or products are demanding high quality, need to ensure its performance stability, quality and reliability, environmental adaptability, service life and other indicators to meet the corresponding standards.
          ? The Significance of Metal Surface Treatment Technology to High - end Equipment Manufacturing
          ? Many of the equipment products need to be used in high temperature or high humidity or wet and cold environment, or for repeated action and multiple stamping in the process, the surface or even parts are subject to wear or corrosion. Therefore, in order to ensure its quality, the need for its surface or parts of the metal surface treatment. It can maximize the equipment to increase the corrosion resistance, hardness, to prevent its wear and tear off, improve the conductivity, lubricity, high temperature resistance and even the appearance of the degree of beauty.
          ? This is of great significance to the development of manufacturing industry. Metal surface treatment technology can improve the corrosion resistance of the surface of the equipment; improve the mechanical properties of the surface of metal or non-metallic products; give the surface of the equipment special physical properties; the surface of the equipment to provide a decorative appearance.
          ? With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing industry on the metal surface treatment technology requirements are getting higher and higher, and its quality inspection standards are more stringent. The quality of the product is one of the important symbols of manufacturing power. In the fierce competition in the international market, the quality of Chinese products is the lifeline of "Made in China". And high-end equipment manufacturing industry represents the most advanced level of technology, its quality assurance is the basic embodiment of China's manufacturing power.

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